The Gift Centre marks 30 years of excellence in business on August 26, 2021. As we celebrate this milestone we’ve embarked on a few different ways of thanking everyone for their support.

We Just Need to Say


The COVID-19 Pandemic has challenged our nation in so many different ways. We have all been trying to help the best we can and we are thankful for our customers who have kept us going. Physical Activity has been one area which we think has been overlooked and we understand the role we play in our society and our need to support organizations that contribute and continue to support our citizens over the years. Being the sole distributor of YORK Fitness equipment for over 25 years, we decided to make donations of mainly fitness equipment to help get people up and moving again. On August 13, three organizations benefited from this initiative:

  1. The Ministry of Health (Over 30 Physiotherapy units countrywide)
  2. The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre
  3. The Salvation Army
Dr. Ariane Mangar (right), Director of Rehabilitation Services, Ministry of Health, receives donation from Mrs. Doris Lewis (left), Executive Director and Mr. Andrew Lewis, Manager of The Gift Centre.

10 – York 3pr. Dumbbell Set
120 – York Jump Rope
120 – York Ring Weights
50 – York Exercise Mats
6 – York Barbell Set (30lbs)
6 – York Bar/Dumbbell Set (70lbs)
10 – York 5lb Dumbbell (Pair)

Dr. Mangar noted that the donation came at an opportune time. She said that, “it will be distributed to various physiotherapy departments of the Ministry of Health across the country where it will be used to assist in the treatment of patients with various conditions.”

Ms. Vanessa Wickham, Physiotherapy Dept. Supervisor, Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, receives donation from Mr. Andrew Lewis, Manager, Mrs. Doris Lewis (left), Executive Director, and Ms. RuthAnn Yearwood (right), Sales Rep.

2 – York 3pr.  Dumbbell Set
5 – York Jump Rope
10 – York Ring Weights
4 – York Ankle Weights
1 – York EZ Bar Set
2 – Backpacks w/hydration bottle
8 – Water bottles
2 – York Exercise Mat

Ms. Wickham said that, “the exercise equipment donated is essential for the services provided by the physiotherapy department and came at a time when it was most needed. It will be used to aid in the treatment and rehabilitation of persons in need of physical therapy.”

Mr. Steve Sookraj, Programme Director, Salvation Army, receives donation from Mr. Andrew Lewis, Manager, Mr. Eric Williams (left), Sales Rep, and Mrs. Rolita Lewis (right), Asst. Manager.

2 – York 3pr Dumbbell Set
5 – York Jump Rope
2 – York Bar/Dumbbell Set
10 – York Exercise Mat
2 – Pairs 50lb Dumbbells (Adjustable)

Mr. Sookraj said, “the donation of equipment to be used in the exercise and therapy area. It will greatly assist the Salvation Army in their rehabilitation programme which aims to transform the lives of men suffering from addictions and reintegrate them into society.”


We thank God, our valued customers, staff, friends and supporters for whatever we have achieved in this life, is because of God’s grace and your continued support. These blessings of success have passed on to the people of our society to help them to realize that everything we own belongs to God.

Our Social Responsibility has always been to assist by contributing to various religious bodies, NGO’s, community activities and programmes that benefit our nation.

We at The Gift Centre continue to aspire for perfection, with professionalism and integrity.


We also cannot forget our valued customers. On August 23rd, THE 30th ANNIVERSARY PROMOTION will be launched. The promotion runs until December: Every $5,000 spent entitles a customer a chance to win ONE OF THIRTY prizes including fitness equipment, appliances, household items among others with a grand prize of a YORK HOME GYM.

Website Launch

We’ve launched out website: www.thegiftcentre.gy so that persons can explore some of what we have in store at their own convenience. WhatsApp Messaging has also made it easier for customers to learn more, keep in contact, let us know what they’re looking for and even place orders.



Our founding principle has and always will be “Where Quality is never compromised” and this has set a standard for the past 30 years.  As a fully family owned and operated business, we’ve realized that it’s the little things that make a big difference. We aim to create an experience of satisfaction for each customer we serve. We are a retail store but with a passion for exceptional customer service.

The Gift Centre was established out of necessity. Victor & Doris Lewis, proud parents of seven, found it necessary to find gifts quite frequently for family and especially for their children’s friends. At the time there were few gift stores and so the idea was born. On 26th August 1991 The Gift Centre opened its doors on Regent Street with a simple blessing by Msgr. Terrence Montrose. The journey hasn’t been an easy one, but our supporters have stood by us for 30 years. The person with keen eyes for quality, authenticity and excellence is Mrs. Doris Lewis. She tries to uphold the standard of our motto of quality and has passed this on to the Management team.

In February 1996, a fire destroyed the building in Regent Street which was being rented. It was a great challenge but was overcome with the great mercy and graces of God. It was during this dark time that customers, friends and family supported the Lewis family beyond words. Later that year, the business was relocated to its current location in Hadfield Street. This move made it possible for upgrades such as a computerized billing system, air conditioning for our customers’ convenience and the availability of better parking facilities.

In 1999, a new branch store was opened at Alexander Street, Kitty but this was closed within a few years. However, it didn’t stop the momentum. Along this journey, all seven children have all contributed their time and talent to the growth of the business and even their own businesses: two of their business ventures have been John Lewis Styles in 2003 and Shoe Source in 2008. 

Today, the family still carries on the business with a team of dedicated staff who know the value of each and every customer. 

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